cycle won't move and can't get heat

by Jerry
(York, Pa.)

Whirlpool Dryer that won't move from the position you set on the timer and also won't heat. Solenoids just replaced about 8 months ago, as well as new belt and roller assembly. Model number LGR5620KQ1. Since not going through cycle but it runs like nothing is wrong I thought that the timer is not sending a signle to igniter so I replaced the timer today. Still not heating or cycling through the timer setting.

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Hi Jerry,

The timer will not turn unless the dryer is heating when you have it set on an automatic cycle. You will most likely find that the timer turns fine on a timed dry cycle.

You should be able to remove the bottom front panel to view what is going in the burner assembly while it is running. What should happen is the igniter should glow then turn off and at the same time (as the igniter turns off) the flame should light.

If the igniter will not glow then the thermal fuse or the igniter is bad. The thermal fuse is the little white fuse located on the back of the dryer on the blower housing. The igniter is in the burner assembly.

If the igniter is glowing but will not turn off then the heat sensor is more than likely bad. Note that the igniter will glow for 30 seconds or so before turning off.

If the igniter will glow then turn off but the flame does not light then the gas valve coils are more than likely the problem.

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