Cooktop knobs won't turn

by Ed
(Grants Pass, Or.)

Hello Sir, I have a 20 year old Roper gas range which has been in continual good operating condition. Yesterday, two adjacent cooktop knobs (left side) suddenly became un-turnable. Normal operation is to push in and turn to right to turn on the assembly, but again, they won't turn. I lifted the range top and compared the right-side operating knobs to the inoperable left side and saw that all assemblys have springs to the rear side, and that nothing seems to be a binding factor to the left side assemblys. Even light to moderate pressure with pliers does not turn the knobs, so I backed off for safety sake at that point. I have sprayed degreaser where the knob shaft meets the shaft housing, with no help. Can't figure out this issue. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Ed,

The only to permanent repair this is to replace the switches. Make sure you disconnect the power to the cook top before attempting to replace the switch. Also make sure you connect the new switches the same as the old or you my blow the new switch as soon as it is turned on. If possible remove the old switch before you disconnect the wires then install the new switch. Take one wire off and place it on the new switch one at a time. This way you never have more than one wire off at a time, trust me it is much easier to keep up with the wires this way.

Thank you,

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