Condensation inside refrigerator

by Mark

I have a PSC25SGSC side by side with condensation forming along most of the shared wall in the refrigerator. The door gasket appears to be in good condition and sealing properly- it has a fairly strong vacuum when I try to open it.

The condensation runs down the wall, and pools at the bottom of the fridge daily. (The door seal is apparently good enough to prevent the water from escaping.)

The master control board was replaced a few months ago, but that's the only maintenance I've had done to it.

Any recommendations or thoughts on what should be done to resolve? I've attached two pictures as reference.

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Hi Mark,

First we must be %100 sure the door gasket isn’t leaking air. Check all the way around the gasket should enough so that if you close paper in the door you shouldn’t be able to move it without tearing it. If it seems to be ok then before you go any further rub a thin layer of Vaseline along the door gasket. Don’t get carried away just a thin layer will do.

There are two other things that can cause this although both would cause it not to cool properly. I assume you haven’t experienced this problem however I will go ahead and tell you. There is a fan in the fresh food section that blows cold air from the fresh food evaporator. If the fan isn’t running then moisture can form in places it shouldn’t. Also if the light in the fresh food is staying on with the door close you will get this problem. Open the freezer door so that you can see and slowly close the fresh food door. Just before it closes the light should go out. If not you have a problem with the freezer door switch.

Thank you,

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Jan 30, 2011
Condensation inside
by: Mark

Shawn -

I tried the paper test in the door, and it definitely does not hold the paper tight enough to tear it. However, I went ahead with a thin layer of vaseline just to see if that did help tighten the door seal, but the condensation is still building on the wall and pooling on the bottom. So, its either the door gasket still or something else.

Per your other suggestion - I also checked the door switch, and the light is going off as it should.

Then I pulled out the Fresh Produce drawer, and there is a lot of condensation on the device located behind it. (I took a picture, but I don't see a way to post it in the comments.) Although we haven't seemed to have problems cooling, as I might expect if the fan failed. Is there a way to test it?

Do you think it's still the door gasket - and if so, is that easy to replace?


Jan 30, 2011
by: Shawn

If the gasket is sealing properly then I don’t think it is causing the problem especially if the Vaseline didn’t help. However if it still will not seal it may need to be replaced I just can’t tell you that it will repair the problem unless you find a rip in the gasket. Since you aren’t seeing any cooling problems then we can assume the fan is working. At this point I really don’t know what to tell you.

There is one more possibility. There is a chance this water isn’t really condensation. Near the vegetable bin there is a roll of water line for the water dispenser. At times this tub will leak a very thin stream of water. This can be what you are seeing. Get to the roll of water line and have someone use the water dispenser and look for a leak. I really think from the pictures it is a condensation problem but you need to look at this possibility.

Jan 01, 2013
Condensation inside refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and the repairman said the inner wall is icing up. The big problem is that the insulation between the freezer and fresh food sections has broken causing icing to occur in the wall which creates the condensation on the refrigerator side wall. The issue with mine is the ice is forming around the piping coming through the wall and causing the refrigerator evaporator to want to shut off because the thermistor is measuring a low temp. He ordered some kind of heater element to mount around the piping to fool the thermistor, however the condensation will not be solved. Condesation on the side wall means ice is behind the wall. Turning off for 2 days with doors open will thaw it and dry up the moisture, but expect the icing to reoccur if the insulation is indeed broken.

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