Compressor & Evaporator fan not runing

If the light works, the compressor doesn't turn on and the evaporator fan does not turn on, can I assume it something other than the compressor?

There is no condensor fan on this unit. I think the compressor may have overheated after letting fridge off while it was being cleaned and moved to the garage, filled with room temp soda, beer & water.

It wont run on straight power and clicks the GFCI outlet in the garage. (it did run on the GFCI outlet for about 4 hours straight before shutting down).

Fridgidaire model FRT21TNC



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Hi John,

If the light works but the fan and compressor doesn’t work then you have a bad cold control or a bad defrost timer.

The cold control is the easiest to check. Disconnect power to the refrigerator and access the cold control. It is located on the ceiling of the fresh food section behind a cover. This is also where the defrost timer is located. Remove the wires off the control and test for continuity across the two terminals of the control. If it is open replace the control and if not you have a bad defrost timer provided there isn’t a loose connection somewhere.

The refrigerator shouldn’t be on a GFCI receptacle. If it must be on one you will have to figure out why it is tripping it. Sometimes refrigerators will trip them when the compressor starts even if there is nothing wrong with it. Since it ran for so long before tripping it we may be able to determine that it tripped when it went into defrost but you will have to get the refrigerator working before you can test this.

I say plug it into a non GFCI for the time being at least until you get it repaired and if possible keep it off of the GFCI permanently.

Thank you,

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