Cold water setting using some hot water

by Chris

Kenmore Elite HE3 Front Loading Automatic Water
Model: 100.42832 200

I noticed that when selecting the cold / cold (wash rinse) setting on my washer, some hot is still processed into the machine. From what I can tell, this is only at the beginning of the wash / cycle and I am not sure if this is normal / expected to aid in the dissolving of the detergent.

To verify that hot water was being used on the cold / cold cycle, I turned off the hot water intake into the machine and started a cycle. After about 15 - 20 seconds of processing / intaking cold water, the washer started making a humming noise as it it could not process / intake any hot water. As soon as I turned on the hot water, this humming stopped and you could see the hot intake hose process / vibrate when water was being processed.

I am looking for confirmation that some hot water should be processed when using a cold / cold setting or do I have an issue with the washer. If there is an issue with the washer, would it be the central control unit / water intake valve / something else?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Chris,

I am almost sure this is normal but I can be 100% sure because I cannot get Kenmore service manuals. Some GE models do this because they say that adding a little bit of hot water is better for clothes than straight tap water. Some tap water can be below 60 degrees and they want to get it up to around 65 or so. If it is making the water a lot warmer than normal then you got a problem.

Thank you,

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I think I found the cause... feature called ATC
by: Chris

Thanks for the quick reply...

Did a little more research after posting and I have come to the conclusion that it is working as designed. In reading the owners manual at little more closely, there is a reference to a feature called "Automatic Temperature Control" (ATC) which ensures that the wash cycle has a temp of 75 degrees.

I am suspecting that the water from our tap is below this and the hot is required to raise the temp to 75 degrees.

The rinse cycle does not use ATC which is why I only noticed it during the wash cycle.


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