Cleaning A Dishwasher

Cleaning a dishwasher is unnecessary because it is a washer it should clean itself, right? Well, that’s wrong. Over time your dishwasher will become dirty, the sides can stain and the pump/filters can become dirty causing poor dishwasher performance. You may notice that over time your dishwasher doesn’t clean as well as it use to and this may be due to it being dirty. Cleaning a dishwasher can, not only make it look better inside, it can also make it smell better and clean your dishes better.

There are two ways to go about cleaning a dishwasher. You can buy dishwasher cleaner made for cleaning dishwashers, or you can use the home remedy I will talk about below. The dishwasher cleaners have some advantages such as they will remove rusts stains which are very hard to remove. They are also stronger than the home remedy so if your dishwasher is extra dirty or you have hard water you will be better off with the cleaners. They also make cleaners made to aide dishwasher detergent, which I will also talk about below.

Dishwasher Magic

Dishwasher magic is a dishwasher cleaner I strongly recommend for cleaning a dishwasher. It will remove rust stains and calcium build-up. Hard water will cause calcium build up and if you have extremely hard water you will need to clean your dishwasher very often. Hard water has lots of minerals in the water and calcium is the most common. This calcium in the hard water is left behind causing calcium build-up in the dishwasher. At my home I have soft water and I clean my dishwasher twice a year whereas people with hard water will have to clean their dishwasher once a month. Rust stains can come from rusty pipes in your household plumbing. This can stain the inside of your dishwasher and can be very hard to remove. This produce will remove these hard to remove stains.

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Citric Acid Cleaners

Citric acid cleaners are not so much for cleaning a dishwasher as they are for cleaning your dishes. They don’t replace dishwasher detergent; they simply aid them. Above I talk about calcium build up which is caused by minerals in the water. These same minerals can be left on your dishes in the form of white film. This problem has been dramatically increased since new government regulations band the use of phosphates in dishwasher detergent. These phosphates were put into the detergent to help remove these minerals to reduce the amount of minerals left behind on dishes. To remove this white film, place the dishes that have the film in the dishwasher and add a citric acid cleaner along with detergent and run a normal cycle. This may have to be done several times a year or every wash load depending on the hardness of your water. These are two citric acid cleaners I recommend.

Lemi Shine dishwasher additive

Citric Acid Cleaner

Home Remedy

This method is for cleaning dishwashers with moderate cleaning needs, this will generally only work for people with soft water. This is the method I use but as I said I do have soft water. All you will need is a gallon of plain white vinegar. A gallon may be overdoing it but in this case more can’t hurt. Pour about a 1/4 of the gallon of vinegar into the dishwasher and start the cycle. Let it run for about 10 minutes then open it up and place a cup of vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. Let it run for about 10 more minutes open it up dump the water out of the cup and refill with vinegar. Repeat this step until you run out of vinegar or the cycle is over.

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