Can't find the J2 plug on my GE refrigerator

by Ed
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Main Board

Main Board

First I'd like to thank you for your informative website. It's greatly appreciated.

I have a GE Fridge MODEL: GFSL6KEXCLS. After watching your video, I'm still having trouble finding the J2 plug. None of the plugs are marked in my fridge, however, there are several plugs which resemble the video's J2 plug, but the configuration of the plugs on the main board are totally different.

About 2 weeks ago the fan in the upper fridge started making noise as if the fan blades were hitting something. Whenever the door to the fridge was opened the fan stopped running and would often start running again after I shut the doors. I thought maybe ice had built up. I took all the shelves out, the 3-4 screws that hold the plastic moulding inside the back of the fridge, then tried to remove the plastic piece to inspect where I heard the noise. I was unable to remove the white plastic panel all the way (the top wouldn't come out for some reason). However, a few small chunks of ice came out, so I figured let me put it back together and see what happens.

After screwing the inside back panel on, the fan fails to run at all and now no noise is heard. It sounds as if the fridge tries to cycle the fan on, since I hear a slight hum for a few seconds, but nothing after that. I placed a thermometer in the fridge overnight and now it won't get any cooler than 46-48 degrees. We usually kept the freezer/fridge at the recommended 2/38 degrees and it's done its job perfectly til now.

I can't seem to locate the J2 plug. Can you please help guide me in locating this plug?

Also, while trying to remove the back inside panel, is it possible that I dislodged the duct inside the back wall of the fridge? If so, how do I get that inside back panel off? The top won't come out. There's a small square nub on the top left side, which you have to lift the up and over, but even after that it still seems secured to the fridge, despite removing screws and overcoming the square nub.

I've attached a picture of the inside back panel, the main board, and also a picture from inside the veggie/deli compartment, which also might be a fan. Do I need to remove/test/replace something there. This fridge also has the ClimateKeeper feature.

Any help in how I should address this, as well as finding the J2 plug, would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks again!

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Hi ED,

The reason you cannot find the J2 plug is because GE does not make this refrigerator. I am almost sure this is a Samsung made refrigerator with GE’s name. Unfortunately I have zero experience with this refrigerator and even worse I don’t have a service manual to even try to help you. I tell you what try this forum ApplianceJunk
There are a lot of techs answering questions and maybe someone has some experience with this refrigerator.

The company I work for has sold some of these models so eventually I will have experience but as of now I haven’t had the opportunity to work on one.

I am very sorry I cannot help!

Thank you,

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