Broiler, Burners and Self-Cleaning Function but Bake Unit Won't Heat

The range is a Jenn-Air FCG20500B and I do not know its age. I recently noticed that it seemed like it was taking the oven longer than it should to get up to temp. and it also didn't seem to be getting to the temp. entered on the keypad. During the last use, it notified me that it had reached temp. but once the food wasn't cooked in the appropriate time, I noticed that it was no longer at temp. and would not heat. I do not hear gas being dispensed. The burners, broiler and self-cleaning portions appear to work fine. I've never worked on a range before but from info on the web it appears to have the glow-bar system, at least for the broil and self-clean (not sure if it's possible that the other burner would be a pilot and I haven't looked yet as I wasn't aware there were two burners until this morning). Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

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The igniter is a glow type igniter and this is what I believe is more than likely your problem. The best way to go about checking this is to remove the bottom of the oven to access the bake burner. Once accessed turn the oven on bake and see if the igniter glows. If it glows (it should take about 30 seconds for it to get orange) but the flame will not light then the problem is more than likely the igniter however the only way to check it is with an ammeter, which most people don’t have. If you do check the amperage draw of the igniter it should be between 3.4 and 3.6. If not the igniter is bad and if it is in this range but will not light then you may have a clogged burner. Make sure all the holes in the burner are clean by taking a large needle and punching through each hole.

If the igniter isn’t bad and the burner isn’t clogged then the gas valve is bad.

This page should help more Gas Oven Repair

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by: Jeremy

Thanks for the info, Shawn. I'll take a look at it tonight. I do have a multimeter which I assume will work in place of an ammeter.

by: Shawn/admin

No, most multimeters don’t have an ammeter for AC. An ammeter for AC has a clamp to clamp around the wires to test for amperage draw. Yours may have it but I am just saying that most meters don’t most of the time you have to buy one especially for testing amperage.

by: Jeremy

Is it possible to use the probes on a multimeter instead of the clamp?

by: Shawn/admin

No, not to test for amp draw; you can only use the leads of the meter for testing ohms or voltage.

by: Jeremy

Thanks, Shawn.
It was the ignitor; didn't have an ammeter so I swapped it with the broiler ignitor. Thank you very much, I'm sure you saved me a ton of cash and time. It's good to know that resources like this are around and that the net isn't just for porn. ;)

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