bad control board

by BEN

ge washer 2 years old mod-whdsr316g2ww where can i get a control board. it wont light up I do have power going to the motor I WEED HELP!

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Hi Ben,

Here is a link to a page with Replacement parts in General Electric WHDSR316G0WW Washer

Are you saying that the LED on the motor will not light up?

If so the first thing you need to check is the fuse. This page shows where is fuse is located GE HydroWave Washer Repair

Thank you,

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ge washer
by: ben

hi shaw the fuse is good there is no power going down to motor.i can set it on wash it will fill up and the timer will go through wash and spin nothing will happen let water out no spin

by: Shawn

I would say you have a bad timer if there is no power going to the motor and the fuse isn't bad.

With that being said some fault codes will cause the problem you are having. The LED on the motor indicates fault codes. I am sure you already checked for this but double check just in case because when there is a fault code there is a longer pause on the LED, which could make it, seem like the LED isn’t on.

by: Shawn

I thought about your question and there is one thing that I may be misunderstanding. When you said “it won’t light up” I was assuming you meant that the LED on the motor will not light up. If I was right with my assumption disregard this comment. If that wasn’t what you meant the lid switch may be the problem. But the lid switch will not cause the LED not to light.

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