Amana refrigerator ASD2625KEB

by ken

Icemaker making grinding noise when dispensing or crushing ice.

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Hi Ken,

I am not sure I understand your question. Does it still work or is it just noisier than normal?

Thank you,

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Ice maker making grinding noise
by: Ken

The auger turns and dispense ice but the crusher
doesn't crush ice always and starts to make grinding noise in crushing mode.

by: Shawn

Attached to the auger there is a drum (also called a helix) and teeth that grind the ice. If the auger is bad the drum can slip down the auger more than it should and when this happens the teeth can move as well then can cause things to slip rather than turn. This will in turn cause an unusual noise and it may not crush ice or dispense ice, as it should. If this is the case you will have to replace the auger and the drum as well as the metal bar that holds the drum in place.

Ice maker make noise when crushing ice
by: ken

How can I test to see if the auger and drum is
sliping? Is the auger the same thing as the
agitator and what is the drum?

by: Shawn

On your parts breakdown they are calling the drum a wheel crusher. It is just a round plastic drum/wheel/helix (GE calls it a helix, Whirlpool calls it a drum and apparently Amana calls it a wheel). Yes the agitator is what I am calling the auger.

You have something broken inside so the ice is having a hard time being dispensed. The drum is most common but what you will have to do is look at it and see. Take the ice bucket out and dump the ice. Then turn the auger by hand and hold the drum (I believe you can hold it without taking anything apart) and see if the auger turns separately from the drum and if so the problem is the auger drum and/or the bar that holds the drum in place.

It could be that it is frozen so check for that also.

Thank you

ice maker making noise when crushing ice
by: ken

Should the static blade on the auger rotate or should it stay in the same position and not rotate

by: Shawn

It stays in the same position, locked into the housing.

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