Amana Fridge Mod #ABD2533DEQ (freezer on bottom). The ice maker isn't working anymore

by Micah
(Puyallup, WA)

The ice maker used to work and recently noticed that it hasn't been working. I've also heard a "clicking" sound coming from the area of the ice maker and wonder if the two are related. I should note, the water dispenser still works.

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Hi Micah,

Replacement parts in AMANA ABD2533DEQ Ref - Bottom Mounts

Check to see if the icemaker is getting water i.e is there ice in the icemaker? If there is I believe the noise you hear is coming from the icemaker motor trying to turn but cannot. Typically a bad motor modular causes this. There is a big gear on the front of the icemaker pull on that gear and if it comes off you know for sure the motor/modular is bad. Unplug the refrigerator before doing so.

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Follow up question
by: Micah

There is no water making it to the ice maker. When I pull the fridge away from the wall, I can see the water in the line (due to an air bubble) just sitting there. It doesn't move. I pulled the line out of the fridge to see if by chance the rubber dispenser portion was frozen but it wasn't. The ice tray is just dry. What causes the water to be dispensed to the ice maker? Could it still be a bad motor or is it something else?

Water Valve
by: Shawn

There is a water valve with two solenoids on the back of the refrigerator. One connects to the water dispenser and the other to the icemaker. Disconnect power to the refrigerator and switch the wires on the solenoid. In other words put the wire for the door dispenser on the solenoid for the icemaker. Then press the button that dispenses water. When you do so water should enter the icemaker and if not replace the valve and if water does enter the icemaker replace the icemaker. Also make sure the tube that feeds the icemaker water is frozen and if so remove the ice and replace the water valve.

follow up question to shawn
by: sandy

hey shawn,
i have the same problem and i switched the wires and did get water going to the ice machine. doesn't that mean the water valve is good? so i should replace the ice machine right? thanks for your help. i didnt understand the last comment about frozen water in the tube. if water is frozen in the tube doesnt that mean the water valve is good?

by: Shawn

Yes, if you switch the wires and water comes into the icemaker then the water valve is working and it is in the icemaker.

The tube freezes up when the water valve will let a small amount of water past the valve when it is not activated. Much like a dripping faucet. What happens is when the valve does this the water doesn’t have enough momentum to make it down the tube before freezing and the tube will freeze up. There are other things that can cause this (low water pressure or if the water is turned off with the icemaker still on).

I assume that isn’t your problem since you get water to the icemaker by switching the wires.

Also as in most of my icemaker answers this is assuming that the temp in the freezer is cold enough.

use a hair dryer
by: pappydsp

I've had this happen about 4 times in the last 9 years. My amana bottom freezer made the same clicking noises as if it was trying to harvest ice. I found that the water inlet tube was frozen and would not fill the tray. I shut off the freezer, removed the frozen food, and used a hair dryer to thaw out the ice maker. Put everything back together and, voila, the iceman cometh. Before changing wires around, I would try the hairdryer first. Just be careful - water and electricity do not mix well.

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