Whirlpool Washer Disassembly Guide

In this Whirlpool washer disassembly guide I will walk you through the steps in disassembling Whirlpool washers. One of the most intimidating things about any do-it-yourself repair job is disassembly. So with the help of this page along with the repair guide, you can repair your Whirlpool washer yourself.

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1. Disconnect power from washer.

2. Remove the two screws (one on each side) that hold the control panel on. On some washers, you will see the screws from the front, some you will have to snap a cover off to see the screws and on some washers the screws will be on the back.

3. Hinge the control panel up as shown.

If replacing the timer or any control panel switches this is as far as you need to go.

4. Once the control panel is hinged up, you should see two clips, remove them.

5. In the center you should see a plug going into the case of the washer, unplug it.

6. Once done you should be able to pull the case of the washer (front, sides and top) over and off the base leaving nothing but the back and tub.

At this point you can replace the lid switchit it is located under the top of the case.

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7. Remove water pump by removing the two clips. Note that if you are replacing the pump remove the hoses and install new pump but if you are trying to access the motor or the motor coupling there is no need to remove the pump hoses. Just move the pump over to the side and out of the way.

8. Remove the motor by removing the two clips (on most of these washers the clips are secured with screws). Once the clips are removed the motor should fall down. Once off you can remove the motor coupling from the transmission and the motor to replace it.

Removing the gear-case and clutch

Above are Whirlpool washer disassembly instructions for disassembly down to the motor, which is all you need to know for most Whirlpool washer repair however sometimes you have to replace the gear-case or the clutch. To do so first remove the motor and pump as shown above, then follow these additional steps.

1. Remove the agitator by removing the cap off the top then removing the bolt, down in the agitator.

2. Lay the washer down on its back. Note you may have to disconnect the hose in order to do so.

3. Remove the three bolts that hold the gear-case on.

4. Pull the entire gear-case and agitator shaft out.

5. Remove the trust bearing off the agitator shaft.

6. The clutch is held on by a clip remove it and the clutch should come right off.

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