Whirlpool Dryer Parts

These are images and descriptions of Whirlpool dryer parts I describe how to diagnose in my dryer repair guide. Note that Whirlpool makes most, if not all, of Kenmore dryers so theses are Kenmore dryer parts as well.

Note that in most cases it is best to order parts by model number!!

Drum Support Rollers

The drum on Whirlpool dryers rides on two rollers, often they ware out and become noisy. The part number for the roller kit is 349241T. Order Here Note that the kit comes with both rollers because it is best to replace both of them at the same time.

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley keeps tension on the belt. The part number for the idler pulley is 691366. Order Here.


The belt wraps around the drum and the motor pulley to turn the drum. The part number for the most popular Whirlpool dryer belt is 341241. It is 92 inches long and has four grooves. Note that there are four or five popular other Whirlpool dryer belts so you may want to order by model number. Belts can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com

Door switch

The door switch cuts the dryer off when you open the door. The two most popular Whirlpool door switches are the black cherry switch - part number 279347. Order Here. and the white switch - part number 3406107. Order Here. Note that there are a few more switches that Whirlpool uses so if you are not sure order by model number. These door switches can be purchased at AppliancePartsPros.com

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse cuts the dryer off in the event it becomes too hot. Note that if the thermal fuse is bad; check the vent because if it is stopped up it most likely caused the thermal fuse to blow. There are three thermal fuses: one looks like the one on the top in the picture - part number 3390719. Order Here. The other two look like the one on the bottom on the picture. The difference between the two is the size of the terminals. The part number for the one with ΒΌ inch terminals is 3399849 and the part number for the one with 3/16 terminals is 3392519. Order Here


These Whirlpool dryer parts cut the heat off if it becomes too hot. This is permanent and will not turn back on until the hi-limit is replaced. The most likely cause for this is that the vent is stopped up so check your vent if you have to replace this part. The hi-limit comes as a kit and you must replace both thermostats that come in the kit. There are two kits for Whirlpool dryers and each kit has two thermostats. For one kit, the thermostat at the top is rated at 352 degrees and the thermostat at to bottom is rated for 250 degrees - part number 279769. Order Here. On the other kit, the top thermostat is rated for 325 degrees and the bottom thermostat is rated for 250 degrees - part number 279816. Order Here.

Heating Elements

The heating elements are one of the most common Whirlpool dryer parts. The heating elements provide heat for the clothes to dry. There are three types of heating elements that Whirlpool dryers use. Here are pictures and descriptions of all three.

This one is the most popular for newer models. This heater type is sold in four different wattages - 3000 watts part number 279843 Order Here , 5000 watts part number ,3398066 5400 watts part number 279838 and 5600 watts part number 3398065. The 2798838. Order Here will replace the other two elements

This one is for older Whirlpool dryers and used to be the most popular. The part number is 4391960 Order Here. Note that this element is located inside a heater-can.

This one is not very popular but fits Whirlpool dryers that have the heating element located under the drum rather than behind the drum, such as the Whirlpool Duet. The part number is 3387747. Order Here Note that this heater is located inside a round heater-can.

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