Whirlpool Clothes Dryer Disassembly Guide

Whirlpool clothes dryer disassembly is easy and this guide will walk you through the steps in doing so. Use this page along with my Dryer Repair Guide and your dryer will be repaired in no time. There are two main types of Whirlpool dryers and disassembly is different for each. The easiest way to identify which of the two you have is the location of the lint trap. On one type, the lint trap is located on top of the dryer and the lint trap for the other type is located in the dryer door.

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Lint Trap On Top

This section will discuss Whirlpool clothes dryer disassembly on the Whirlpool clothes dryers with the lint trap on top. On this Whirlpool dryer the heating element, hi-limit thermostats, thermo fuse and the operating thermostats are located on the back of the dryer.

Be sure to disconnect power before attempting to disassemble it. To access them simply remove the back cover. On the right hand side you should see the heater-can (a metal can with the heating element inside). There are two types of heating elements that these dryers can have. One is attached the outside of the heater-can and all you do to replace it is remove the screws and the heating element comes right off. If you see screws on each side of the bottom half of the heater-can, your dyer has this type of heating element. The other type of heating element is mounded inside the heater-can. The heater-can must be removed to replace the heating element. Follow these steps to replace this type of heating element.

1. Disconnect power from dryer.

2. Unplug the wires from the heating element.

3. Remove the hi-limit thermostats from the heater-can. Note there is no need to disconnect the wires but you can if you like.

4. There is a screw at the top of the heater-can that must be removed. The heater-can extends above the case so it is hard to access this screw. On some models there is a hole that lines up perfectly with this screw by using a 5/16 socket with a long extension, reach through the hole and remove the screw. Note if there is no hole you will have to use a ratchet with a short extension and remove the screw from behind the case.

Note that on newer models you don’t have to remove the whole heater-can. The element detaches halfway down the heater-can and screws hold it on.

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5. Once the screw is removed pull out on the top of the heater-can and lift up on it to remove it.

6. Once the heater-can is out there is a 5/16 screw at the bottom of the heater-can, remove it and slide the heating element out of the heater-can.

7. Slip the new heating element back into the heater-can and reverse instructions for reassembly.

On these types of Whirlpool clothes dryers you must remove the front and top to access the drum, belt, rollers, motor and blower. To do so follow these steps.

1. Disconnect power from the dryer.

2. Remove the lint trap.

3. Once the lint trap is out, remove the two screws under the lint trap.

4. Pull the top forward while lifting up on the front of the top. The top should release from the clips on the front and the front should hinge up.

5. Remove the screws that point toward the front that holds the front on.

6. Unplug the door switch.

7. Pull the front forward a few inches and lift it up.

Once the front is off, look under the tub and you should see the belt and idler pulley. To remove the belt, push the idler pulley to the right to release the belt tension. Then remove the belt.

This diagram will help with installing the belt on this type whirlpool dryer.

Lint Trap In Door

This section will discuss Whirlpool clothes dryer disassembly on the Whirlpool clothes dryers with the lint trap in the door. Disconnect power before attempting to dissemble the dryer. Unlike the other type, these types dryers everything (except all the control parts) is located inside the dryer case including the heating element. But all you have to remove to access the heating element is the front bottom panel. To remove the front panel, press in on the two clips under the door as shown.

Then remove the heat deflector and the screw at the front of the heater-can. Once done, you should be able to pull the heating element out of the heater-can.

To access the other internal parts you must remove the front panel. To do so follow these steps.

1. Disconnect power from dryer.

Note that on some models you don’t have to hinge up the control panel, just press in on clips at the front top to release the top so skip steps 2 and 3 if you have one of these models.

2. Hinge up the control panel. Depending on the model you might have to remove two screws on each end of the control panel or press in on two clips as shown.

3. Remove the top by removing the screws under the front panel. On some models you don’t hinge the control panel up, you just press in on two clips at the front (between the front and the top) to release the top.

4. Unplug the door switch.

5. Remove the two screws pointing forward that hold the front on.

6. Remove the two screws at the bottom.

7. On some models you will have to remove screws that hold the air-duct to the blower. Others you just have to remove a clip at the bottom of the air-duct.

Once the front is off you can reach under the tub and disconnect the belt and remove the tub if necessary.

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