Repairing Sears Kenmore Appliances

When repairing Sears Kenmore appliances it is important to know that Sears is a department store not a manufacture. Sears never has and probably never will manufacture Kenmore appliances. Typically, this is only important to consumers when it comes time for a repair. Because this is information you need to know before you begin a repair. As a repairman I know there is not such thing as Kenmore appliance repair so to speak. When I get a call for a Sears Kenmore appliance I don’t know what to expect until I arrive at the customers house unless however, they give me the model number.

The first three numbers of the model number on any Kenmore appliance tells the brand which also gives away the appliance manufacture who manufactured it. This is called the prefix of the model number. On the model number tag the prefix looks different from the rest of the model number so people often leave out the prefix when obtaining the model number. Do not make this mistake for the prefix is the most important part of the model number for Sears Kenmore appliances. This is an example of a Kenmore model number 110.29422800. The prefix of this model number is 110. This tells that the appliance brand is Whirlpool so the manufacture is Whirlpool. It is also important to know the difference between the brand and the manufacture. For example, Roper is a brand that is manufactured by Whirlpool. This means you repair Roper appliances as if you were repairing a Whirlpool appliance. Below is a list of prefixes, the appliance brand it stands for along with the manufacture that made it. Remember the most important part is the manufacture.

Prefix Brand Manufacture
103 Roper Whirlpool
278 Roper Whirlpool
911 Roper Whirlpool
106 Whirlpool Whirlpool
110 Whirlpool Whirlpool
596Amana Maytag
253 Electrolux Electrolux
587D&M Electrolux
362General ElectricGeneral Electric
363 General ElectricGeneral Electric

Note that Maytag was bought out by Whirlpool around 2006 so any Sears Kenmore appliance with a prefix for Maytag purchased after this time may have been manufactured by Whirlpool.

Here is a list of brands and manufactures. Note that either the manufacture or the current owned company may have manufactured each brand.

Brand Manufacture Currently Owned By
Admiral Maytag Whirlpool
Crosley Maytag Whirlpool
Amana Maytag Whirlpool
Caloric Maytag Whirlpool
D&M Electrolux Electrolux
Electrolux Electrolux Electrolux
Estate Whirlpool Whirlpool
Frigidaire Electrolux Electrolux
GE General Electric General Electric
Gibson Electrolux Electrolux
Hotpoint General Electric General Electric
Jen-Air Maytag Whirlpool
Kelvinator Electrolux Electrolux
Kitchen Aid Whirlpool Whirlpool
Litton Maytag Whirlpool
Magic Chef Maytag Whirlpool
Maytag Maytag Whirlpool
Modern Maid Maytag Whirlpool
Monogram General Electric General Electric
RCA General Electric General Electric
Tappan Electrolux Electrolux
Westinghouse Electrolux Electrolux
WCI Electrolux Electrolux
Whirlpool Whirlpool Whirlpool

Note that all of the information on this page is subject to change at any time and company buyout, merges and shut downs can make this information inaccurate. I will update this page as information becomes available but it can be hard to keep up with big company moves. Also note that not all brands and manufactures are listed on this page. Some of the brands may not be manufactured anymore.

My source for the information on this page was the Armstrong Value Parts Catalog for Cashwell Appliance Parts INC.

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