Maytag Washer Parts

These are images and descriptions of Maytag washer parts that I describe how to diagnose in my washer repair guide. In my washer repair guide, I walk you through repairing two main styles of Maytag washers, the Newton and the Herrin. These were the two main styles of Maytag washers until 2006, when Whirlpool bought out Maytag. The easiest way to tell if you have a Newton or a Herrin is to tilt the washer over and look underneath. If there are two belts you have a Newton and if there is only one belt you have a Herrin. If you don’t see a belt you have some other type of Maytag washer.

Maytag Washer Parts-Newton
(Two Belt)

Inlet Valve
The inlet valve runs water into the tub while the washer is in the fill cycle. This inlet valve will fit all Newton style Maytag washers and the part number is 205613 Order Here.

Lid Switch

The lid switch stops the washer when you open the lid. The Newton style washer had three types of lid switches. On the early models it was just a cherry switch with two wires. The part number for that switch is 205415 Order Here.

Then they started using a lid switch assembly that consisted of a fuse, cherry switch like the one on the early models and a micro switch. I do not suggest changing individual parts on the assembly. It is best to replace the whole switch. The part number for this switch assembly is 22001682 Order Here.

Then they started using a smaller white switch with four wires plugging into it. The part number for this lid switch is 12001908 Order Here. Note that this switch will come with a plunger that you will not use unless you have an Atlantis washer.

Lid Switch Actuator

The lid switch actuator is the mechanism that presses the button on the switch when the lid is closed. This lid switch actuator is used on all Newton style washers. The part number for it is 204968 Order Here.

Water Pump

The water pump pumps the water out before each spin cycle. This water pump was used on all Newton washers. The part number for it is 202203 Order Here.


The Newton washer had two belts, the pump belt and the drive belt. If one of the belts is bad, I suggest replacing both. The part number for the pump belt is 211124 Order Here. The part number for the drive belt is 211125 Order Here.

Air Gap

I am not exactly sure of the purpose for the air gap, but it is on the earliest Newton models (made in the 80’s). The air gap often leaked and you need to replace the rubber sleeve. The part number for the rubber sleeve is 216201. Note that the rubber sleeve is located inside the air gap. This part can be purchased at

Air Gap

Rubber Sleeve

Maytag Washer Parts-Herrin

Water Pump

The water pump pumps water out of the tub before each spin cycle. There are two pumps that Herrin washer’s use. One has a metal plate between the pulley and the pump and is used on older Herrin style washers. The part number for this pump is 21001906 Order Here .
The other has no metal plate and is used on newer Herrin style washers. The part number for this pump is 21001873 Order Here.

New style part#21001873

old style part#21001906


The Herrin style washers have one belt that turns the transmission and the pump at the same time. There a few different belts that fit Herrin style washers, so you need to order it by model number. Belts for this washer can be purchased at

Drive Pulley

The drive pulley is the pulley on the bottom of the transmission that the belt attaches to. The part number for this pulley is LA2007. This pulley can be purchased at

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