Noisy Maytag Dryer Repair Guide

If your Maytag dryer is noisy this repair guide can help. In this guide I will walk you through the steps in repairing your noisy dryer. These are the same steps I take when repairing dryers professionally. So read each section carefully and your dryer will be repaired in no time. Maytag made a few different types of dryers after buying out Amana, Magic Chef and several other companies. On this page, I will be discussing the two most popular styles. Maytag called these styles the Newton and Herrin. There is no way for you to know what style you have until you start taking it apart.


If your Maytag dryer is noisy, the blower blade is the most likely cause. If the blower blade is bad the dryer will make a roaring noise. To access the blower blade, first disconnect power and remove the front panel. On Newton style dyers, you remove the front panel by removing the two screws on each side at the bottom of the front panel or if it’s a newer model, prize the clips under the front panel. Then pull out the bottom of the front panel until the top clips release. On Herrin style dryers, raise the top by inserting a flat screwdriver in between the top and the front panel. This should release the top so that you can lift it up. Once up, you should see two screws that point toward the front that hold the front on, remove them. Now the front panel should lean forward and lift off the bottom clips. Once off, you should be able to see the blower blade. If the blower blade is loose on the motor shaft, replace the blower and also look for obstructions in the blower housing. Blower wheels can be purchased at


Another cause for your Maytag dryer being noisy is the rollers. To check the rollers, first disconnect power from the dryer. Then remove the front panel as I described above. Then remove the drum by removing the belt. This may be easier if you remove the belt from the back. On some Maytag dryers you must remove another panel in the front to remove the drum. Once the drum is off, you should see two rollers in the back and on some models, one in the front. Spin each roller by hand, if the roller doesn’t spin smoothly the roller is bad and needs replacing. I would recommend changing all of the rollers if one is bad. Rollers can be purchased at


The idler pulley often causes dryers to be noisy. The idler pulley is the pulley that the belt rides on to keep tension on the belt. To check the idler pulley, first disconnect power from dryer. Then if your dryer has an access cover on the back, remove it, otherwise remove the front panel and the drum as I described above. Then spin the idler pulley by hand, if it doesn’t spin smoothly it is bad and needs replacing. Idler pulleys can be purchased at

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