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These are images and descriptions of GE refrigerator parts for GE side-by-side refrigerators made after 2002. In 2002 GE came out with the new side-by-side refrigerator and it was very unique. Although the basic refrigerator concept was still in tact, the operating characteristics were very different from what I was use to. Adaptive defrost was one of the changes they made. Adaptive defrost adjusts the time between defrost cycles according to how many times your family opens the door and how long the door is opened. Before refrigerators just had a mechanical timer that would turn on the defrost cycle at a set time. Another major change was that these refrigerators use a main control board to control everything. They also started using thermistors rather than cold controls. Below are the most common GE refrigerator parts for these models.

Note that in most cases it is best to order parts by model number!!

Defrost Heater

The defrost heater is the part that goes bad the most of all GE refrigerator parts. So much that GE redesigned it to last longer. Hopefully this will reduce the failure of this part. There are two different defrost heaters, one is 9 inches long and fits the 20 and 22 cubic foot models the part number is WR51X10101. The other is 12 inches long and fits the 25, 27 and 30 cubic foot models the part number is WR51X10055. Defrost heaters can be found at

Main Board

The main board controls everything that the refrigerator does and is located on the back of the refrigerator. The part number for the main board is WR55X10552. This board is the most common board for 2002 or newer GE refrigerators but some models such as the models with a variable speed compressor use a different board so if you are not sure order by model number. Main boards can be found at

Fan Motor

There are a few different fan motors, some with the thermistor and some without. Some of them have different wiring harnesses. It is best if ordered by model number. Refrigerator fan motors can be purchased at


These refrigerators have at least three thermistors some have four and they tell the main board what the temperature is in various sections of the refrigerator. All three of the thermistors are the same and the part number is WR55X10025. Thermistors can be purchased at Some of these thermistors have been found to be faulty. This picture will help you identify the faulty thermistors.


The auger is the device that pushes the ice out the ice shoot into your glass when you use the ice dispenser. Often they will break and need replacing. The part number is WR17X11705. Augers can be found at

Crusher Cover

The crusher cover separates the ice bin from the ice crusher. Often they will break and need replacing. The part number is WR17X11497. This part can be found at

Recess Door

The recess door is the flapper opens to allow ice to come through the door. Often the edges roll up cause air to leak into the freezer. This can cause excessive frost on the food and around the door. The part number is WR17X11653. This part can be found at

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