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These are images and descriptions of GE dryer parts that I describe how to diagnose in my dryer repair guide.

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Note that in most cases it is best to order parts by model number!!

Heating Element

The heating element adds heat to the tub in order to dry the clothes efficiently. If your GE dryer was made after 1995 it will have one of two heating elements. Both are sold as assemblies or as restring kits. The heater assembly is the whole heater-can with the coil already strung in and the restring kit is only the coil. I recommend the heater assembly for do-it-yourselfers because if you don’t restring the coil properly it can greatly reduce the life of the element. The difference in the two elements is the diameter of the coils. The part number for the assembly with the 7/16 inch coil (Two porcelain blocks) is WE11M23 Order Here and the restring kit part number is WE11X10007 Order Here . The part number for the assembly with the 1/2 inch coil (One porcelain block) is WE11X103 Order Here. and the restring kit part number is WE11X203. Order Here.

Note that in most cases it is best to order parts by model number!!


The hi-limit is a safety switch that cuts the dryer off in the event that it overheats. Note that if your dryer vent is stopped up, the hi-limit will go bad, so check your vent if this part is bad. The part number for the hi-limit that fits most GE dryers is WE4X800 Order Here.

Front Drum Bearing Support And Glides

On all GE dryers made after 1995 the drum rides on front glides that are held on by the drum bearing support. There are three types of bearing supports and it is best if ordered by model number. There are two different glides and each dryer has four glides. One type of glide is ½ inch wide by 2-5/8 long and the part number is WE3X87. The other type is 5/8 inch wide by 2-¾ long and the part number is WE1M481. These part can be purchased at

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley keeps tension on the belt. The part number for the idler pulley that fits all GE dryers is WE12X83 Order Here.

Rear Drum Bearing

On all GE dryers the tub rides on one rear bearing in the center of the drum. This is the most common GE dryer part to cause a noisy dryer. There are two types of rear drum bearings. The one for older GE dryers has a 1/8-inch shoulder and the part number is WE3X75. Order Here. The one for newer GE dryers has a 3/16 shoulder and the part number is WE1M462. Order Here.

Door Switch

The door switch cuts the dryer off when you open the door. These are the two most common GE dryer door switches. The part number for the square one on the right is WE4M126 Order Here. and the part number for the round one on the left is WE4X197 Order Here.

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