GE Dishwasher Parts

These are images and descriptions of common GE dishwasher parts that I describe how to diagnose in my dishwasher repair guide.

Piston Valve

GE dishwashers have a Piston valve that allows water to flow through the filter during the wash cycle then blocks water going to the filter during the pump out cycle. Note that not all GE dishwashers have a piston valve but this one will fit all that do – part number WD24X10018. Order Here.

piston and nut

Spray Arm

The spray arm sprays water all over the dishes during the wash cycle. There are many spray arms so you must order by model number. Note that all of the holes in the spray arm must be open for the spray arm to work properly. Spray arms can be purchased at

Pump and Motor

The pump and motor pumps water up through the spray arm causing it to spin and spray water all over the dishes. On older GE dishwashers the same pump was used to pump the water out the drain. Now they use a separate drain pump. If you have an older GE dishwasher that has a drain solenoid then the part number for the pump and motor you need is WD26X10013. Order Here But if you have a separate drain pump you will have to order by model number. Pump and motors can be purchased at

If your GE pump and motor is leaking use this link to learn more on how to repair it GE pump repair

Drain Solenoid

The drain solenoid pulls down a flap that redirects water from the spray arm to the drain – part number WD21X10060. Order Here Note that not all GE dishwashers have drain a solenoid but this one will fit on all that do.

Pump Connectors

The pump connectors that connect the pump to the spray arm are one of the most common GE dishwasher parts. These are the two most common ones. The part number for the one with the male threads is WD18X206. Order Here. The part number for the one with the female threads is WD18X214. Order Here. Note that if you have a newer model, these connectors will not work so you must order by model number. Pump connectors can be purchased at


The sump is a rubber boot that the water collects in for the pump to pump it through the spray arm or through the drain. Sumps can be purchased at


On some GE dishwashers that have a separate drain pump also have a flapper. This flapper prevents water from re-entering the tub during pump out cycle. The part number is WD1W10175. Flappers can be purchased at

Bottom Rack Rollers

The bottom rack rollers on GE dishwashers are bad for falling off. This was the biggest downfall of GE dishwashers until they came out with an improved roller. This roller will fit most GE dishwashers – part number WD12X10267. Order Here

Water Valve

The water valve fills the tub with water during fill cycle. This water valve will fit all older GE dishwashers – part number WD15X93. Note if you have a newer dishwasher, you need to order by model number. Water valves can be purchased at

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