Frigidaire Dryer Won’t Run guide

If your Frigidaire dryer won’t run, you probably think its time to send it to the dump right? Maybe not, this repair guide can help you diagnose and repair the problem. The problem can be as simple as a blown thermal limiter or a faulty door switch. Both are simple, cheap and easy repairs. Note that this page is for a typical Frigidaire model, not a top end model as in a front loader set.

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Thermal limiter (thermal fuse)

If your Frigidaire dryer won’t run the thermal limiter is the most common failure. The thermal limiter is designed to shut the dryer down if it overheats.

The most common cause for a dryer overheating is a clogged vent so if you find the thermal limiter is bad be sure to check the vent. The limiter is screwed onto the inside/back cabinet near the heater.

To access the thermal limiter you must pull the top up by pressing in on the two clips between the front and the top. Be sure to disconnect the dryer before attempting to do so. Once you have released the clips, the top will raise. To check the limiter, pull off the wires and test for continuity across the two terminals. If it is open replace it.

Door switch

The door switch may be causing your dryer not to run. With the top raised you should see the door switch. Some models only have two wires and if this is the case remove the two wires and test for continuity across the terminals with the door closed. If it is open replace it.

Other models have three wires, one common marked C, one for the light marked NC, and one for the dryer motor marked NO. The common wire feeds both the motor and the light circuit. NC means that there is a closed circuit when the switch is in the normal position meaning the door is open and an open circuit with the door closed. This makes the light in the drum come on when the door is open and off when it is closed. NO means there is an open circuit when the door is open and a closed circuit when the door is closed. This will shut the motor down when the door is opened and allow the motor to run with the door closed. To test the switch remove the common wire and the NO wire and test for continuity across the terminals with the door closed. If it is open replace the switch.

Start Switch

A start switch is a momentary switch that makes a connection to the dryer motor.

Once the motor is started there is a switch in the motor that makes the connection, meaning the start switch only has to make connection until the motor starts. There are two basic types of start switches and they are rotary and push. If you have a rotary type make sure the knob isn’t stripped out. Start switches don’t fail often but often the knob will strip out and what will happen is the knob will turn but the switch will not. If this is the case replace the knob. In this case you will only have to replace the switch if the switch shaft is worn out.

To fail you will have to replace the whole timer. check the operation of the start switch disconnect power to the dryer, remove the back of the control panel. Now remove the wires off the switch and test for continuity across the terminals while someone presses the start switch for you. While the switch is pressed (or turned) you should have continuity and after you let go the circuit should open. If not replace the start switch. Note that some start switches are built into the timer and if they


If your Frigidaire dryer won’t run and you tested all the components above then your problem will be in the timer or the motor. These parts are difficult to test and are different for every model so I can’t tell you how to test them.

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