Frigidaire Dryer No Heat Repair Guide

If your Frigidaire dryer is not heating this repair guide can help. If you have a dryer no heat problem you may have a bad heating-element. However there are other things that may cause this so use this repair guide to help diagnose the problem correctly. This page is for typically a Frigidaire dryer, not a top end model as in a front loader set.


The first thing you must do to diagnose this problem is to disassemble the dryer by following these steps.

1. Disconnect power to the dryer.

2. Using a screwdriver press in on the two clips between the front and the top. This will release the top and allow you to lift the top up.

3. Remove the screws pointing forward that hold the front on.

4. Prize the front off.

5. Remove the yellow stop in the front of the drum.

6. Disconnect the belt.

7. Lift straight up on the back of the drum until you feel it pop out of the rear bearing and remove the drum.

Heating Element

Once the drum is out you can visually inspect the heating element. If it is bad it will be broken. Sometimes this break will be hard to spot so gently tug the element all the way around to see if there is a break. If you don’t see a break you will need to test it with an ohmmeter to be sure. You should get around 11-12 ohms between the terminals (give or take); if it is open replace it. Be sure to disconnect the wires before testing or you may get a false reading. Then test from each terminal to ground and it should be open. If you get an ohm reading to ground the heater is grounded out so replace the heater.


There are two thermostats that can cause a Frigidaire dryer not to heat. One is the hi-limit thermostat, which is located on the heater can. The other is the operating thermostat located on the air duct housing.

To test the hi-limit thermostat you need to disconnect the wires from the thermostat then test it with an ohmmeter. If the thermostat is open replace it. Note that if this thermostat is bad you could have a clogged vent or a stuck operating thermostat. So check the vent and it may not be a bad idea to replace the operating thermostat as well.

The operating thermostat should have four wires; two on the outside and two small wires in the middle. The two wires in the middle are for a heat anticipator and this will not cause the dryer not to heat. The two outside wires are the thermostat. To check the thermostat, disconnect the wires and test for continuity across the wires. If it is open replace the thermostat.


On a typical Frigidaire dryer the only things left that will cause it not to heat are the timer and the motor. There is a switch in the motor that only allows the dryer to heat if the motor is running. These switches don’t fail very often and there is not safe and easy way to test them. Timers are very model specific so I cannot tell you how to diagnose timers.

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