417.83142300 dryer will not heat

by jen cowher
(durham nc)

Hi there! Dryer will not heat... We're fairly certain its the thermal fuse but we can not locate the fuse to check/replace it. Can you point us in the right direction?

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Hi Jen,

On this model the most common thing is the heating element. The first thing you should do is, remove the drum to locate the element and visually inspect the element and if it is broken replace it. Steps to remove the drum.
Disconnect power to the dryer.

Press in on the two clips that hold the top up. The clips are between the top and the front.
Remove the screws that hold the front in place then remove the font.

Remove the yellow plastic piece in the center of the front bracket.

Lift straight upward on the back of the drum until it releases from the back bearing. Then the drum should come out.

Thank you,

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